Workplace and Employee Wellness Programs in MA, NH & CT


A healthy workforce means a lot of things: higher productivity, less turnover and lower insurance premiums. ProEx Physical Therapy provides turnkey Health & Employee Wellness programs to employers designed to improve your corporate culture and your bottom line. At ProEx, we understand how essential a healthy workplace is to the success of your organization and we want to be involved with you before injuries happen.

So What Do We Do?

When it comes to Work Injury Prevention, we'll come to your facility and provide a risk assessment along with a report of our findings with recommendations on how you can create a healthier work environment. These recommendation might include:

  • Ergonomic Adjustments
  • Employee Education
  • Post-Offer Employee Testing

This will help to lower injuries on the job leading to a decrease in your insurance modifiers and rates.

Employee Wellness First

Because we know there is a direct correlation between wellness and healing, ProEx has launched an initiative called Get Going for Life. This is a comprehensive program designed to teach your employees that every lifestyle choice they make has a direct impact on their wellbeing. It makes sense for employers to wisely invest in an employee health and wellness program that has been proven to deliver results like these:

  • Greater Job Satisfaction & Productivity
  • Higher Employee Attendance
  • Decreased Heath Insurance Costs
  • Lower numbers & severity of Work Injuries
  • Less Emplyoee Turnover

If you're interested in learning more about acheiving stellar results with your workforce, please contact Ben Barron, our Director of Business Development at 877-776-9843 or email him at bbarron@proexpt.com.

Also, you can click here to watch Ben in a short video about our ProEx for Work and Get Going for Life programs.