Chances are, if you are reading this, you have built a physical therapy practice based upon your clinical skill, your passion for your profession and your ability to quickly build meaningful relationships with your patients. Your entrepreneurial spirit got you started, and your grit and unmatched work ethic have gotten you this far. Collectivity is here to help you add ‘business savvy’ to this list of talents.

We are a team of individuals who have all dedicated our careers to the profession of physical therapy, and, just like you, we live and breathe this world, each and every day. While building ProEx Physical Therapy, we learned the importance of the business of healthcare. It wasn’t enough for us to provide great outcomes and a great experience for our customers; we also need to get paid for the work we do. Collectivity was born out of that need, and our fifteen year track record of running successful physical therapy practices, big and small, speaks for itself.

Our goal is to help physical therapy practices not just survive, but thrive in an uncertain healthcare marketplace. When you enter into a relationship with us, our promise is that we will treat your business no differently than our own. You will not get pushed to the bottom of the list; you will never feel as if we are just doing the bare minimum; and you will never feel like anything but our most important client. Your success is too important to you and the community you serve to feel like anything less than a VIP.

So, take the first step: sign up for a free consultation today. Experience the differences that come from working with a company that puts you first and experiences the same successes and challenges that you feel each and every day as a practice owner.