You have a choice when it comes to physical therapy.


Freedom of choice is the American way. Why settle for less when selecting a healthcare provider?

Myth: A patient must go to the physical therapy facility their physician has referred them to.

Fact: With most insurance plans, a patient has the right to make their own decision and choose their own physical therapy facility.

Unfortunately, this fact is not widely advertised. If you are a subscriber of a health insurance such as Medicare, an HMO or a private insurance, the high premiums you pay enable you to be part of a vast network of medical practitioners. You have the right to choose within these networks, to find the best possible care.

This is good practice regardless of whether you have health insurance or pay for services independently.

At ProEx Physical Therapy, we do things a little differently. Our number one objective is to provide the best possible experience for our patients. We provide a warm friendly atmosphere along with therapists that are highly trained in advance techniques. Our specialties include orthopedics, spine, sports medicine, and woman’s health conditions.

We recognize the value of a satisfied customer and to us the ultimate form of compliment from a satisfied patient is a word of mouth referral to a friend or family member. This is how we’ve built our practice and this is what separates ProEx Physical Therapy from the rest.

If you need a physical therapist and are relying on a physician’s referral, ask the physician for more than one recommendation. Ask to see a list of potential providers. Better yet, do some research and select the provider you believe best fits your needs. Ask some questions. Ask for a tour of the facility.

ProEx Physical Therapy will gladly answer any questions you have about what we do, or what you should expect from the physical therapy provider you choose. Whether that’s us or someone else, please feel free to give us a call and allow us to give you a tour of our facility.

When it comes to physical therapy, exercise your choice. Select the provider who is best for you.