Two ProEx PT's to Present at APTA Combined Sections Meeting


Sean MacLaughlin, DPT and Steph Crammé, DPT (pictured above) have both been asked to present at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) Conference on February 12th in New Orleans, LA. Sean's poster will be on the benefits of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises on treating hip joint impingement. It is a case study on the conservative management of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).  The patient, in the case study, had positive signs of a hip labral tear and FAI in addition to a prior history and exactly the same symptoms on her opposite hip.  He treated her hip with manual therapy techniques including joint mobilizations as well as a hip strengthening program and saw excellent results.  He hopes to advocate using physical therapy as the first line of treatment for this hip problem rather than these patients needing to have surgery like most of them are right now. 

Steph's presentation is titled “A Framework For a Systems-Based Approach To Treating Patients With Oncological Diagnoses.” Steph will present three cases involving patients with primary diagnoses of cancer.  With each patient, she will highlight a different system of the body; integumentary, cardiopulm, neuro, musculoskel. She will highlight how to treat different impairments and functional limitations that go along with the different cancer treatments; radiation, chemo, surgery, bone marrow transplant, etc.  Each patient is a different age, in a different PT setting (outpatient, inpatient/acute, home care), and each has a different diagnosis. One has acute mylogenous leukemia, one has lung cancer with mets to the brain, and the third has prostate cancer with mets to his spine. Each patient is at a different stage of treatment; 2 years post treatment, currently undergoing treatment, 14 years post treatment/possible end of life.