The Spotlight is on...Sean MacLaughlin, DPT, OCS


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.  I am getting married next Sept. 2012 in Hershey to my fiancé Katie McKenna, who is a 2nd-year Internal Medicine-Pediatrics resident at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA.  She’s the reason I ended up in New England from PA.

2.  Both Katie and I had been to the small and remote African country Lesotho, which is completely landlocked by South Africa, on separate trips before we had ever met.

3.  My hometown, Hershey, PA actually does smell like chocolate on certain days.

4.  Although I lived in Philadelphia for PT school, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan (the Eagles’ archrival).

5.  My sister’s name is Sarah MacLaughlin, but she’s not the singer.

6.  My Irish family motto is “Remember your promises.”

7.  I am a vegetarian, but will eat meat if I can get it from a local and organic source and directly from the farmer.

8.  At Penn State I was very involved with the Dance Marathon “THON,” which is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.  It benefits pediatric cancer patients at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  This February at THON, the students raised $9.5 million!

9.  I love being a physical therapist, but if I had to enter another profession, it would probably be as a history teacher.

10.  My prediction is that Philadelphia Phillies will win the 2011 World Series over the Boston Red Sox!