The Spotlight is on...Sarah Keyser, MSPT, CSCS


1. At age 4, I ran out of my dance class, embarrassed because I didn't know where my spine was during a body awareness session. Ironically, I went on to dance for another 10 years and then became a physical therapist.

2. I originally wanted to be a veterinarian. I've always had pets, including dogs, cats, a rabbit, chickens, rats, fish and a fostered Pot-Bellied Pig.

3. I still hold my high school triple jump record- 35 ft. 7 1/2 in. 14 years and counting.

4. My Nationality heritage includes English, Irish, Scottish, Polish, French, Italian and German. Part of my family can be traced back to 1140 AD in England.

5. I grew up in Mt. Washington Valley, and yes, I can ski. (I've skied Tuckerman's Ravine)

6. I was voted "Most School Spirit" by my senior high school class....I know, hard to believe!

7. I have an extreme fear of being eaten by a shark- too many years of watching shark week.

8. I recently travelled to Costa Rica with my best friend and learned to surf....and also worked on that shark-phobia!

9. I am a sprint distance triathlete. You sure do get kicked in the face during the swim!

10. I live with my husband, two dogs, cat and 3 fish in Hampton less than 2 miles from North Beach...and yes, I do enjoy long walks on the beach!