The Spotlight is on...Molly Forman, DPT


molly_forman.png10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1) I grew up in Beverly MA, and still live there now.

2) Most of my best friends are my friends from elementary school. We still occasionally break out into dance routines we made up at 8 years old.

3) I met co-worker Dave Melchiorri in the first few weeks of freshman year at Boston University. He lived next door to my best friends in the dorm. It's a wonder we still tolerate each other after all these years.

4) My summer job in college and high school was a city Park Ranger and a camp counselor.

5) I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland for 4 months.

6) I play trivia every Monday night. I am best with science and pop culture questions. My team rarely loses!

7) My favorite season is summer and I am happiest at the beach.

8) I ran my first half marathon on Oct 5.

9) I often bring 4-5 pairs of shoes to work each day... I like to have options!

10) If I wasn't a physical therapist I would want to be a kindergarten teacher.