The Spotlight is on...Matt McManus, PT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I played professional baseball in Holland the year after I graduated from Northeastern University.

2. I've seen Run DMC in concert…TWICE!

3. One of my favorite holidays is Halloween....have you checked out our Facebook page?

4. My first career start on the mound for the Northeastern Baseball team was at Fenway Park vs. BU in the 1994 Beanpot Championship Game…we won!

5. My wife's Aunt tried to set us up in high school.  We eventually met by chance after college, even though we went to the same school, studied the same major, and likely crossed paths several times on and around campus.

6. I was on the drumline for my high school band…yes, I wore a blue beret…and yes, I rocked the cowbell.

7. In 2011, I finally visited Disney World for the first time.

8. I'm obsessed with getting the perfect photograph of my kids with the Mall Santa every Christmas.

9. I grew up in Wilmington, MA…and I still don’t like anything to do with Tewksbury!

10. I've been getting my haircut at the same barber shop since 1976.