The Spotlight is on...Marybeth Couture


marybeth_couture_2.JPG1. I grew up going to my family’s cottage on Ossipee Lake during the summer. Back in my day I was a pretty decent water skier!

2. I love live music shows. I have been to 10 and counting this year alone.   

3. Right out of college I was a health inspector. I have definitely seen some things a restaurant lover like myself never wants to see!

4. I’m a runner. I especially enjoy the challenge of half marathons. Next one is in December!

5. I can throw a pretty decent spiral with a football. I was the girl who played with the boys at recess.

6. I have one “man made dimple” on my right cheek. It’s actually from hitting my face on a table when I was younger.

7. I lived right outside of Boston for 3 years after college. I loved it, but definitely think NH is going to my permanent home for the future.

8. I probably drink far more water then the average person. It’s possible I keep Poland springs in business. Just ask the girls here in the Corporate Office.

9. I have two nephews, Reed and Tanner, who I am pretty obsessed with and definitely spoil them rotten.

10. I am in a bowling league. Currently my team is holding strong in first place. They probably have my handicap to thank for that!