The Spotlight is on...Lynn Trodden, PT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.  I've broken 7 bones, including a spiral fracture of my tibia, all while participating in various sports.

2.  I'm referenced in one of Dr. Brazelton's child development books in a chapter entitled "The Active Child" due to my hyperactive behavior as a toddler.

3.  A sleeve of dinner plates were smashed on the dance floor at my big, fat Greek wedding celebration.

4.  I've known my husband since sophomore year in high school.

5.  I met Mike Mulrenan while working with him as a Northeastern University co-op student in 1996.

6.  An unflattering picture taken of me during a high school soccer tournament game graced the front page of the Boston Globe sports section.

7.  I love adventure travel -- a few years ago I ziplined through Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

8.  While at a taping of the Price is Right with my college friends, a girl from our group won both showcases, including 2 cars.

9.  I have a tattoo representing my heritage (the Greek flag inside a shamrock) on the outside of my right ankle.

10. My tattoo was done by Matt McManus' talented cousin Lawrence.