The Spotlight is on...Jess Barsotti, DPT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1) I grew up in Southern New Jersey on what used to be a chicken farm. My dad would keep up to a dozen chickens at a time in the coop.

2) I’m an Eagle Scout and learned to sew pretty well thanks to all those merit badges.

3) I come from a family of nerds: my dad was a chemist, mom taught calculus, and my younger brother is in school to literally be a rocket scientist.

4) I wrestled and played football for 8 years before and through high school.

5) I love fantasy football and spend way too much time analyzing football stats.

6) I had a lot of random jobs growing up including counting the cars at intersections for stoplight installation. Being a lifeguard was my favorite summer job though.

7) My wife’s cooking skills are nonexistent, so I’m the primary cook in the house. Enchiladas are my specialty.

8) I used to paint, mostly landscapes in watercolor and acrylics, though these days I draw mostly Spiderman and Dora the Explorer in crayon for my daughter Ella.

9) I love rock climbing for exercise indoors and out. A trip to the Grand Tetons is next on my list.

10) I used to play both acoustic and electric guitar though as a baby Ella would scream whenever I played it. I might not be that good because now she just says:”Stop that daddy”.