The Spotlight is on...Jen Towle, MSPT


1) I was born and raised in Auburn, Maine and married my high school sweetheart.

2) I have two wonderful daughters, in 6th and 8th grades who keep me very, very busy. Although parenting is extremely challenging at times, I absolutley love being their Mom.

3) I met Mike Mulrenan, ProEx CEO,  many years ago when we both worked at the same clinic. I joined him soon after he started his own practice and have been here ever since. I may be one of the "oldest" ProEx Physical Therapy employees.

4) I played field  hockey and lacrosse while at Springfield College and had the opportunity to travel and play in Europe with my field hockey team.

5) I get really cold. I often have to wear mittens in the grocery store and before the winter months, I stock up on hand and toe warmers.

6) I have been a runner my whole life and have done a bunch of marathons. My favorites are Disney, Vermont, Philadelphia, and of course Boston.

7) I had bunionectomies on both of my feet at the same time 12 years ago.

8) I like spending time with my family in Maine or NH - hiking, swimming, kayaking, skiing, or just hanging out.

9) I have two dogs; one big, one small - both awesome.

10) I love dealing with women's health, treating the obstetric population, and also chronic pain patients. I get to meet nice people and it is rewarding to hopefully help them feel better.