The Spotlight is on...Heather Martyn, MSPT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I have a disturbingly terrible sense of direction...thank goodness for GPS.

2. I got "Best Dressed" in high school and still love everything about fashion. Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer but then realized I couldn't draw.

3. I am a huge football fan which surprises people since I tend to seem more "girly", but I don't own one piece of pink sports paraphernalia.

4. I do not have a domestic bone in my body - cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, you name it - I despise it and am terrible at all of it. I do not own an apron, a sewing machine or a food processor and have barely used the crock pot or blender we got for our wedding 9 years ago...If I lived in the 1950's, I would definitely be the outcast with burned brownies in her oven.

5. I watched the last inning of the 2004 World Series on the phone with my Dad so we could "watch" it together. I am a born and bred Red Sox fan.

6. I do not think I have an addictive personality, but I cannot live without red wine and coffee (I am a bit picky about my wine, but as long as the coffee has caffeine, I'm happy).

7. At 17, I was told by the Disney on Ice people that I had to lose 5 pounds to make the show - I chose college instead. Best decision I ever made.....PT School over Medical School, that was a good decision too.

8. My favorite vacation is a toss up between going to Greece and Italy with my sister after I finished graduate school and going to Ireland with my husband for our first anniversary.

9. I have never lived anywhere but Massachusetts - grew up in Acton, went to college in Worcester, graduate school in Boston and now live in Newburyport.

10. I know a lot of parents say they wish they could keep their children "little", but I can't wait to see the people they grow into.