The Spotlight is on...Eric Kopp, PT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1)  I was born in Argentina in 1972.

2)  I love music. I play the drums and guitar, but I am a terrible singer.

3)  Just like my father and grandfather, I love carpentry and tinkering in the shop.

4)  I love teaching as much as I love treating patients.

5)  I played rugby in college and for about 8 years after college in a men's league.

6)  I married the love of my life who happens to be a women's rugby player from college and have two of the greatest kids in the world.

7)  I love finding old beat up furniture and rehabbing pieces with my wife…we are huge garbage pickers (which is very different from hoarders).

8)  I love the water. Any water - ocean, lake, or river. Just give me water.

9)  I also love the outdoors…wish I could be there more!

10)  I have been bleeding ProEx green since 2007.