The Spotlight is on...Dan Sieczkiewicz, DPT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.       I grew up on the Rhode Island shore with my parents and older brother who has become my best friend (starting when he went away to college and I didn’t see him as much!).

2.       One summer, I hiked Mount Washington’s Lion Head trail to the summit in under 2 hours in order to get back down before nightfall.

3.       I was a member, and captain, of Boston University’s track and cross-country teams where I ran a personal best of 4:13 in the indoor mile.

4.       I ran the 2009 Boston Marathon in 2:55:14, good for 811th out of 22,849.

5.       I won the class clown award for the Boston University DPT class of 2009.

6.       I am an animal lover and often find myself rooting for animals over humans in movies.

7.       I subscribe to National Geographic and would love to hike up to Machu Picchu after reading about it several times.

8.       My dream job, with the exception of a Physical Therapist, would be to play professional basketball.

9.       I love to teach and hope to one day teach in the PT curriculum at the university level.

10.   I enjoy a wide variety of music, having been to rap, pop, rock, metal, folk, and reggae concerts in my lifetime.