The Spotlight is on...Dan Kamauff, MSPT


dan_kamauff_400082013.JPG1. I am originally from upstate New York but currently live in the Springfield area with my wife of 5 years and our two sons, Lucas and Aiden. Luckily, they look like their Mom.

2. I completed my degree in Exercise Science from the University of Georgia and my PT degree from American International college in Springfield.

3. Prior to advancing my career as a physical therapist, I worked as a personal trainer for 10 years helping everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes.

4. At A.I.C., I won the Margaret Lanphear award for clinical excellence, beating out my classmate and current co-worker Colleen Calvanese.

5. I was also awarded "best legs" by my classmates.

6. My favorite sports are University of Georgia football and sports car/ endurance racing. Go Dawgs!!!!

7. Last Spring, I participated in my first autocross at Limerock park in CT. I didn’t win but beat a guy in a Ferrari and will probably need new tires before Winter.

8. Prior to having kids, I used to enjoy kayaking and going for long bike rides.

9. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and trying new foods. The critics say I’m better at cooking than PT.

10. Oddly enough my favorite music is techno and dance music, but I hate dancing.