The Spotlight is on...Beth Bedell


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I am originally from NY so I am a Yankees and Giants fan - much to the dismay of many of my co-workers.

2. My favorite artist is my daughter who does amazing watercolor paintings. She started painting in 2nd grade.

3. I designed and built a wonderful perennial garden to honor my late mother, and I relax by spending hours taking care of it.

4. For one long year I was a Sunday School teacher for 6th graders. They taught me more than I taught them!

5. I spend my Friday nights from April-October at Lee Speedway in Lee, NH watching my oldest son race. You can find me nervously pacing around in the beer tent.

6. My youngest son plays soccer for the University of Tampa, and I have spent hours in front of my computer just listening to his games (unless the video feed is an option so I can watch).

7. When my children were younger I was once both a Girl Scout Leader and a Boy Scout Leader.

8. I completed a Danskin Triathlon (mini triathlon) about 10 years ago and still do not feel the need to do another one.

9. I have played softball since I was 9 years old and love playing today, although I am not competitive at all.

10. One of my favorite jobs was working one-on-one with elementary school children with special needs. I learned Braille so I could teach one of my students.