The Spotlight is on...Ben Barron, MSPT


10 Things You Don't Know About Me

1) I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, but have no Southern accent.

2) The first concert I ever went to was Bob Dylan.

3) I have been on one blind date in my life; it was with my wife.

4) I play soccer weekly even though I only have an ACL in one of my knees.

5) I refuse to watch scary movies.

6) I broke my right wrist the first day of first grade and had to learn to write with my left, before changing back after a few months. I continue to justify my horrible handwriting with this story.

7) I am a huge New Orleans Saints fan and am in total denial about their off-season issues.

8) My middle school history teacher had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on me when I was choking on a piece of Valentine’s candy.

9) Before deciding to enter the physical therapy program at Boston University, I was considering going to another school’s combined environmental engineering and architectural program.

10) I took 7 years of Latin in middle/high school and was completely fluent at one point.