ProEx announces Women's Health Services Program


ProEx has created a Women’s Health Services program facilitated from its Woburn location.

The program is designed for women in all phases of life, from pre/post natal to post menopausal.  Certified physical therapists Jen Towle, MSPT and Lynn Trodden, PT, CSCS bring extensive training and experience in treating women’s health issues to the program. Physical therapy services include treatment of sciatic pain, incontinence, osteoporosis, muscle soreness, joint conditions and pregnancy related aches and pains.

The program specializes in addressing urinary incontinence by prescribing proper exercises that can assist with the issue and also prevent the condition from getting worse. Towle and Trodden are both trained in a special biofeedback device designed to improve muscular control associated with incontinence.

Obstetric physical therapy is a very effective treatment for women experiencing back pain during pregnancy. An individualized treatment program of techniques including manual therapy, specific therapeutic exercise, and patient education can minimize and often eliminate lower back symptoms. There are also menopausal conditions that physical therapy can assist with by evaluating each patient’s condition and designing a program that is specific to the patient’s needs.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce ProEx Women’s Health Services,” said Allison McCann Stringer, MSPT, and Woburn Clinic Manager.  “The number of health issues specific to women is many, and it is with pride that we offer a program designed to meet those needs. Many people are unaware of the ways that physical therapy can help them feel better without intrusive treatments.”