ProEx Physical Therapy Speaks to Youth Gymnasts at Action Kids Athletics


On Friday, ProEx Physical Therapy took some time to educate a group of gymnasts at Action Kids Athletics in Brentwood, NH. The group consisted of gymnasts ages 7-15 of various skill level. Jess McManus, PT and Gino Compagnone, PT focused on general topics that would be helpful at this age such as proper hydration, nutrition and flexibility. In addition, Jess and Gino specifically educated the group on tips for preventing low back pain, a common injury in gymnastics. “We wanted to make sure the girls understood that there are things they can do outside of the gym that will help them in preventing low back injuries,” said Gino. “We explained the importance of hip flexibility and how it affects the lower back, and we also talked about neutral posture.”

Gino and Jess also spent time with the group offering free injury screenings to everyone present. “We got alot of questions about ankle, knee and shoulder pain,” said Jess. “And there was a big interest in how to prevent wrist injuries.”

The group also was given proper warm up and stretching techniques before and after their routines to help aid in the prevention of injuries. “We hope the kids enjoyed this. Gymnastics is a demanding sport and it does require proper stretching and warm up techniques before and after activity. If an athlete prepares their body properly before their work out then they will reduce their chance of injury and have more fun participating in the sport."