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ProEx Physical Therapy is streamlining all its business functions with one very special software. In its early stages, Mulrenan Physical Therapy, soon to become ProEx Physical Therapy had its share of growing pains. Founder Mike Mulrenan took quick action and invested in a software solution that streamlined every business function billing, collection, AR management, operations and much more. Today, Mulrenan and his colleagues rely on PTOS software to make solid, sound business decisions and put patients first in every endeavor. When Mike Mulrenan founded Mulrenan Physical Therapy in Woburn,Mass.,

in 2001, he had big dreams and big decisions to make. He had no time for big problems. One of the first challenges Mulrenan met was related to efficient management of his billing system. During the first year of operations a key employee resigned and his billing system revealed the full extent of its shortcomings. He initially chose a cheaper billing software, at the time not fully recognizing the importance of a sound billing system, he said. Through his leadership, Mulrenan wasted no time in hiring a billing consultant to  right the ship.  We were doing a good job with getting patients in the door and doing great treatment, but my AR was growing out of control, he said.

Mulrenan asked his billing consultant for a system recommendation. She outlined the pros and cons of a few systems but clearly identified PTOS as the best billing system available.  Mulrenan had heard of the software, and he knew it was number-one in the market, so he decided to make the investment in 2002, approximately one year after opening his practice and that addition of PTOS still plays a vital role in the success of the company.

Data and functions from PTOS are continually used to assess performance across all areas of his business including operations, productivity, billing efficiencies and financial outcomes. In November 2004, Mulrenan and two new partners,Matt McManus and Joe Dattilo, opened Stratham Physical Therapy in Stratham, N.H. In 2005, they added an additional partner, Steve Swasey. The four partners opened their third clinic, in Epping, N.H., in July 2007.

With a vision of growth and the desire to minimize administrative functions at the individual clinics, the partners decided to hire a CEO,David MacDonald, to help guide their company through the growth period. Shortly thereafter in July 2007, in an attempt to maximize patient experience and focus on clinical excellence in the clinics, they opened a corporate headquarters in Kittery,Maine.

In November 2007, they opened their fourth clinic, ProEx Physical Therapy, in Farmington, Conn., with the assistance of new partner (long-time friend and colleague) Eric Kopp. Recognizing yet another need at the executive level, they brought in a COO early in 2008. Just this year,Mulrenan and his partners consolidated their four clinics (with three different names and ownerships) into one entity with one name, one ownership and one mission ProEx Physical Therapy. ProEx also recently opened clinics in Hampton, N.H. and Springfield,Mass., bringing the current total up to six. Smooth sailing. Better billing. Sound decisions.

The initial PTOS system implementation and training took only a few weeks. Mulrenan described the process as very smooth, with the only challenge resulting from a few months of simultaneous use of two billing programs until he could completely convert all his accounts to PTOS. When Mulrenan and his partners opened their corporate headquarters, a server housed there brought PTOS to all of their Mass., N.H. and Conn. locations.

We have a terminal server environment all our staff at our different locations are connected to the corporate server via Wyse terminals, said Mulrenan. This configuration allows all ProEx locations to talk to the PTOS server and therefore use the software remotely. All six ProEx locations currently run PTOS.  At our corporate office we now focus on billing, collecting and the management of our AR in the most efficient ways we can, he said. Plus, Mulrenan and his staff at the clinics now enjoy spending time serving patients rather than troubleshooting software problems.

Mulrenan is also impressed by the software's data analysis capabilities.  We are a clinically focused company with sound business systems and we do a lot of data analysis. We manage through our business metrics. We feel the speed at which we are able to analyze data and make management decisions gives us a competitive advantage. The software provides us access to that data easily and readily, he said. Most of all, Mulrenan is grateful that PTOS has allowed ProEx to focus on overall growth by helping the company to maintain its financial strength. PTOS truly functions as a decision support system guiding us to make timely management decisions which ultimately improves the patient experience, he said.

A savvy software switch, Mulrenan cites PTOS industry-leading support as another reason he is truly satisfied with his software investment. Support has always been timely in providing same-day service by phone, he said. The representatives are knowledgeable and know when to elevate the situation to a higher level. Plus, since PTOS now has support capabilities in Illinois (augmenting its support capabilities on the West Coast), the support hours are very convenient to East Coast-based ProEx. Mulrenan also appreciates the fact that the support staff is open to suggestions for improvements in future releases.

"That is very rare in the software world", he said. While billing is currently the software's major responsibility in all ProEx locations, 2009 will bring additional PTOS solutions. ProEx hopes to upgrade to PTOS Version 4.0 completely in 2009. Additionally, ProEx plans to add the software's electronic scheduling and documentation modules as well as the EOB reader. "We are looking forward to using the PTOS integrated systems for all three functions", he said.

Mulrenan offers sage advice for rehabilitation clinics considering an investment into software, especially billing software. "Don't go for the cheapest product", he said. He also advocates having all staff be cross-trained on and familiar with the software. The potential of a key billing employee leaving you is real. As for clinics currently using another billing system, he recommends paying close attention to system performance. "[Watch for] early warning signs that current software is not meeting [your] needs and switch sooner rather than later", he said.

PTOS software put an end to big billing problems at ProEx. Mulrenan and his partners couldn't be happier with their software investment. "The investment in PTOS was one of the best investments we've made since we started the company", he said. Read on for additional insights into ProEx and PTOS. Then contact your Patterson Medical representative to learn how PTOS software will benefit your clinic. PTOS Software, the most supported practice management software for physical, occupational and speech therapists in the United States, is also the software used by most outpatient rehabilitation practices in the United States.

In fact, PTOS is prevalent in all 50 states. PTOS offers rehabilitation professionals the solutions they need to expertly manage all facets of the modern rehabilitation clinic. It also enables clinics to embrace the opportunities and lasting benefits of going paperless.  PTOS modules include: Billing Electronic claims Documentation Productivity analysis Electronic medical records Productivity statistics Scheduling Collections Outcomes management Accounts receivable Single- and multi-clinic practices of all sizes may choose PTOS fully integrated application or separate billing, scheduling and documentation/EMR modules that interface with other principal products serving the physical therapy marketplace. Clinics that choose PTOS are consistently backed by PTOS's industry-leading technical support, led by a large support team with an extensive background in physical therapy.

In addition to comprehensive telephone support, PTOS users may choose to invite support staff to their clinics for onsite training classes or attend a basic training or advanced management seminar held in a major U.S. city. PTOS is also endorsed by major physical therapy organizations, such as PTPN and Preferred Therapy Providers. "It's been highly gratifying to travel throughout the country visiting clinic owners whose lifestyles have improved after using PTOS", said Robert Brooker, director of PTOS Software, a division of Patterson Medical.

To learn more about PTOS, visit www.ptos.com or call 1-800-824-4305. PTOS Software has been serving the rehabilitation market for 30 years Scheduling Documentation Billing Reporting Data Schedule a demonstration today and see why more therapists in the U.S. choose PTOS. 1-800-824-4305 www.ptos.com.  The investment in PTOS was one of the best investments we've made since we started the company.  All six ProEx locations currently run PTOS. "We have a terminal server environment and all our staff at our different locations are connected to the corporate server via Wyse terminals", said Mulrenan.