ProEx Launches The International Manual and Exercise Therapy Institute (IMET)


As a sign of our continued commitment to providing the best possible physical therapy experience for you, our patients, ProEx is proud to announce the launch of The International Manual and Exercise Therapy Institute (IMET).   The IMET Institute is the education and research arm of ProEx with a focus on providing the most up to date training for our clinicians so they can, in turn, help you manage your physical therapy needs in the most effective and efficient way.

Eric Kopp, PT will serve as Director of Education and will be responsible for the training of all our clinicians on the core ProEx clinical philosophy.  This philosophy represents an integration of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and communication skills that ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes through expert level clinical reasoning and patient management.

This commitment of providing employees with this level of professional continuing education is unprecedented in our profession, and we take great pride in launching this program. In addition, we are very grateful for the commitment of our employees to participate in this program as it is a sign that they always have their patients’ interest first.

The Mission of our company is to be leaders in clinical care, to give back to our profession with education and research, and to hopefully be able to contribute to the portion of Healthcare Reform that we can influence: the cost and quality of delivering outpatient orthopedic physical therapy services.