ProEx Attends NECOEM's 2013 Annual Conference


ben_at_neceom_2013.jpegOnce again this year, ProEx participated in New England College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine's (NECOEM's) Annual Conference. This year's conference, presented by NECOEM and the Massachusetts Association of Occupational Health Nurses, was titled "The Science and Practice of OEM: Innovations and Challenges" and held at the Boston Marriott Newton on December 5 and 6, 2013.

NECOEM has over 250 physician members and is dedicated to preventing and treating occupational injuries and illnesses. NECOEM provides continuing medical education for its physician members in order to enhance the care that they provide to men and women in the workplace. NECOEM is an advocate for workplace safety, occupational health research, raising public awareness of occupational and environmental health issues, guiding public policy, and recognizing outstanding achievement by individuals in occupational and environmental health. NECOEM is a non-profit and is funded by sponsorships, membership dollars and continuing education fees.

Ben Barron, Director of Business Development at ProEx, and Bob Bengston, PT at ProEx, manned the ProEx booth where they were able to share best practices with various medical professionals regarding how to return patients to work most efficiently after being out of work with a workers’ compensation disability.