Jess McManus Makes Her Radio Debut on WCAP 980AM


Jessica McManus, PT and Community Relations Director at ProEx, was a guest speaker on WCAP 980AM's Woman to Woman radio show on Monday, December 21st.  This is a local radio program with listeners in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire and is designed by women for women.  The program, which is aired at 11:00am every Monday morning, highlights women in the business world. 

In this particular segment, Jess introduced the listeners to ProEx Physical Therapy and her role within the company, past and present.  She spoke extensively on their People Focused mission, touching upon their approach to customer service; how everyone is treated as a person first and how ProEx treats the entire patient, not just the diagnosis. 

Jess talked about the Community Relations role that ProEx plays within the communities they serve, which range from providing free stretches to runners at community road races to donating time for free injury screenings to local businesses and high schools.  These screenings can be particularly important to Moms who have family members or young athletes who need screenings quickly in order to expedite the rehabilitation process and get them back in their sport. 

She defined outpatient physical therapy and spoke about a patient’s freedom of choice when deciding upon a physical therapist for treatment and noted that this freedom of choice is how ProEx has been able to survive in a competitive healthcare market. 
She also touched briefly upon the history of the physical therapy profession in the United States which began around WWI after wounded soldiers, who were being exercised in the hospital by their nurses, needed continued rehabilitation when they were sent home and subsequently had better outcomes due to the “physical” treatments they were getting  overseas.  It is thought that this close relationship with the nursing profession is why the PT profession is predominantly female. 

She touched upon the ProEx  Women’s Health service, what that meant in terms of physical therapy, and how it can be a very effective form of treatment for women in all cycles of life from the young  female athlete, to their pre/post natal years and into their pre/post menopausal years. 

Jess finished her interview by touching upon ProEx’s strong commitment to continuing education as part of their core values and how they’ve established an internal education program to support a company culture of continually learning, as well as offering weekend courses to other physical therapists outside of the company.   And, finally, she offered listeners information on how to contact ProEx through their website and receive their monthly health tips.

For additional information, please contact Jessica McManus at Jmcmanus@PROexPT.com