FREE stretches given to Jolly Jaunt Runners raising money for a good cause.



In the early hours of Saturday morning, hundreds and hundreds of runners lined up to register for the 4th annual Boston 5k Jolly Jaunt Race to benefit the Special Olympics.  But this year they had a little extra help with their pre-race ritual.

ProEx Physical Therapy arrived with a team of physical therapists and athletic trainers to evaluate and instruct athletes on the proper procedures of pre and post race stretching. “We met with a number of runners to discuss their individual pre and post stretch routine, communicating the proper stretching of hamstrings, IT band, quadriceps and other lower extremity areas requiring stretches on a case-by-case evaluation" comments Kate Doherty, ProEx Athletic Trainer.

ProEx was also available for injury evaluations and to answer questions for orthopedic conditions at the finish line.  ProEx recommends that athletes stretch more "post" exercise to prevent common injuries. So it was great to see the number of runners who took advantage of the FREE post stretch and evaluation.  A long line of runners willingly waited their turn to get some professional post race stretch assistance on their tired muscles.  In fact, when most sponsors had already packed up their tents, the ProEx team was still assisting athletes until the very last fund raising athlete had been evaluated.

"It was so great to be out there to give our support to the runners who raised $85,000 for the Special Olympics.  Providing them with pre and post-run stretching was a fantastic experience for us, and they deserve all of the thanks in the world," states Jess McManus, Community Relations Director at ProEx.