Shopping for the Perfect Running Shoe


Shopping for the Perfect Running Shoe

When purchasing a running sneaker, it is important to find a pair that is ideal for your foot type and running style. If you are not sure of this information, ask a ProEx Physical Therapist to make a recommendation after evaluating your feet and running mechanics or you can visit a running specialty store- most running shoe stores have employees versed in foot types and mechanics. 

Foot types can differ between high arches (pes cavus) or flat feet (pes planus) and running mechanics can vary, whether you hyperpronate (pronate too much) resulting in excess pressure applied to inside of foot or don’t pronate enough due to a rigid/stiff foot resulting in excess pressure applied to outside of foot.

Take into consideration your running habits, ground surface, and previous injuries when shopping for a pair of running sneakers. If you have insoles or orthotics, try them on with the sneaker before you make your purchase. In the end, your new sneakers should be comfortable and functional, and be the perfect shoe for your feet and you!

And please remember to replace those running shoes every 300-400 miles- when they wear out, your foot will wear out next!


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