How RICE Can Help Prevent Further Irritation of an Injury





(Photo: ProEx in Arlington)

Aches and pains happen to everyone, and occur during sport, at home or at work. Whether it’s a pain in your shoulder when you reach to grab something falling off a shelf, tightness in your back when your bat makes contact with the ball, or a quick twist of your ankle during a run, our daily activities may put us at risk for injury.

In an article posted by Professional Physical Therapy, they tell us that after your injury, one of the first things you can do is apply the RICE formula and wait a few days before determining if you are ready to resume your regular routine.

Stephanie Novello from the ProEx Back Bay clinic adds that taking advantage of the beautiful summertime weather to boost your activity level is great for both your body and mind. When minor injuries do occur, incorporating a holistic approach can expedite the healing process and help you manage pain effectively. In addition to your Physical Therapy protocol, be mindful of how you eat, think, sleep, move and relax outside of the clinic. This will support you to feel better, faster!