A Balanced Approach to Your Health and Wellness


A Balanced Approach to Your Health and Wellness

This is the time of year when we all plan our New Year’s resolutions, and health and fitness tend to top the charts. The key to success is to take a balanced approach. We’d like to introduce you to ProEx for Life, our healthy lifestyle initiative and our commitment to you to further support you in and out of the clinic, helping you reach your health goals and making every day a great day!


The premise behind ProEx for Life is to address the key components of a healthy lifestyle which we have broken down into four categories - Move, Feel, Nourish, and Reflect.


Our primary goal is to encourage you to gradually “add-in” simple, healthy lifestyle suggestions, unique to you, to your daily routine until they become habit.




What’s your daily formula for “movement?”  Daily activity and exercise are as essential to your overall well being as brushing your teeth. Often times, our schedules become so consuming, we have a difficult time making exercise a priority.  Without movement, the body gets stale and sore, and your risk for injury increases.  Did you know that finding time to move your body is so much easier than you may perceive it to be? Think about your daily routine.  How do you begin each day?  Could you squeeze in a few lunges as you hop out of bed and make your way to the shower? 




When you feel good, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve.  Did you ever notice that when you feel great, you are able to accomplish your goals, have interesting interactions with others and overcome obstacles with ease? Lifestyle factors, such as sleep and stress, have a huge connection to how you feel, act and perform.  Simple daily add-ins such as allowing yourself a 5 minute time-out to refocus your mind and concentrate on your breath might be the difference between having an ordinary day or having the best day ever - every day!




Did you know that what you choose to eat or not eat directly affects how you feel and heal?  By simply adding-in healthy, anti-inflammatory foods to what you are already eating, you will be fueling your “engine” to be much more efficient.




How often do you power through your day without even thinking about what you are doing?  Being focused and mindful not only makes you more efficient but also makes the dullest task seem more enjoyable. Try a perspective shift.  The next time you encounter an assignment that would otherwise seem mundane, take a moment to appreciate it.  Focus and find something about the task or yourself performing the task that you enjoy.  You will soon experience how a slight shift of focus can help you achieve big results.


To learn more about ProEx for Life and how to develop a well balanced approach to your health and well being, contact Lori Duran at lduran@PROexPT.com. Like us on FaceBook to follow Lori and ProEx for Life. Click here to see our ProEx for Life video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btNIepz5j-s

A Balanced Approach to Your Health and Wellness