Tour de ProEx MOVE Challenge 2014



From: Friday, October 17, 2014
To: Sunday, October 26, 2014




(offsite location)

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proex_move_challenge.pngDid you know stress, hard work, and mental pressure all create tension in your body? Over time, if proper care is not given to these pockets of tightness, discomfort, chronic aches and injury can occur. Your body is meant to move, and movement can alleviate built-up physical tensions. The key is to find exercise that suits your lifestyle and body type. The challenge is to find a type of exercise that you enjoy most and add-in to your daily routine.

To help get you started, we challenge you to the Tour de ProEx MOVE Challenge: Add in 28 minutes of activity each day over 10 days, log your activity and enter to win a ProEx fleece.

Start date: Friday, October 17
End date: Sunday, October 26

Who will be participating in this challenge?
ProEx staff are eager to participate and all past patients, friends of ProEx and  our current patients across our ten clinics are invited to join in. 

Why 280 minutes over 10 days?
If you were to visit each one of our 10 clinics, you would travel an approximate distance of 280 miles.
280 minutes…. Every 1 minute represents 1 mile

What type of activities count?
Every type of activity can count as long as you are being active!  Mowing the yard, walking the dogs and even your physical therapy sessions will count, you decide. If you are limited by your current condition, talk with your ProEx Physical therapist to decide on activity you can do safely.

Is there a prize for completing?
In addition to the health benefits associated with daily activity, all former and current patients and friends of ProEx who successfully complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a ProEx Fleece!  One winner will be chosen from each location.

How do I sign up for the challenge?
Current patients interested in accepting this challenge can speak to a staff member.  Former patients and friends of ProEx can download the activity log from our Facebook page or website.  All those who successfully complete the challenge can simply FAX, email or drop off the activity log to the nearest ProEx Clinic.
Let’s Get Going together and remember to wish your Physical Therapist a Happy Physical Therapy Month!