Tom Y, Middleton MA

I've worked with ProEx and Rob K. for a number of therapy issues over the years. I come back to ProEx because Rob understands my needs and takes the time to really figure out what is happening. Then he determine the techniques and modalities, combined with therapeutic exercises, to get my body to function properly and progress toward full strength. I don't feel as though I am being treated with the 'standard protocol' when my needs might respond better to different methods.


-Y,, Tom


Matt:  I wanted to take a moment to express my very deep and sincere thanks for all of your efforts with me.  I have high aspirations for getting my hip mobilized and strengthened, and am dedicated to the process, which for better or worse is obviously going to be a long journey.  I am finding your professional care invaluable.  I have pretty high expectations of medical professionals, and you truly meet and exceed all of them.  The combination of your knowledge and intuition about how to manipulate my leg, together with your physical strength to move it to places that I'm not (yet!) capable of, is simply fantastic.  I feel like we're making good progress -- and again am very grateful.  See you next week.  Best, Peter

-, Peter


Hi Matt,

I just want to thank you again for all of your help with my recovery from shoulder surgery that I had this past January (2014).  As you know, I am very active from a sports perspective (can’t give up the dream!!) and as I articulated to you when we first met, my immediate goal was to be able to start swinging a golf club by early May.  Thanks to you and your team I have been able to do so and have already been out playing golf.  I believe I could not have done this without your guidance and your team’s continuing attention to me when performing my exercises. 

In addition to the great service I received, I would say that one of the most helpful things that you do is your flexibility in your scheduling.  Similar to you, I am in the client serving business and there are times that I have to take an important call or be at an impromptu meeting that I must attend.  The ability for me to call you and reschedule on a moment’s notice is priceless to me.

Thus, in summary I want to thank you and your team for a job well done.  Any opportunity that I have to recommend you to my friends and/or Dr. Higgins, I will do so.  Again thank you!


-, Blair


Injuries are only speed bumps ... You have to slow down to get over them, but with the right people guiding you - you WILL get over them.  After sitting around on a couch for 39 years and no running experience, I decided to run a marathon. I had several injuries, but Jess and the experts at Pro Ex got me through all of them, and educated me on how to avoid repeating them. I've hit a few more speed bumps, but with Jess and Pro Ex by my side.. I just finished both my 20th half marathon and 10th marathon in the same weekend. I know I never would have crossed that finish line without them!! Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!!!

-, Cheri

Jim F Retired High School Principal from Woburn, MA Woburn MA

The experience I had at ProEx was by far the best. The employees at ProEX Physical Therapy are true professionals.

-F, Jim

Rocky N Woburn High School Head Football Coach Woburn MA

Sometimes it's tough to get "back in the game" following an injury. I know that for a fact both personally and as football coach at Woburn High School. The team at ProEx Physical Therapy has become part of my team. Not only have I been treated there, but so have many of my current and former players who needed help working their way back from an injury. No question about it, the ProEx team is the best.

-N, Rocky

Steve L Retired professional baseball player from Reading, MA Reading MA

I've had a lot of shoulder and elbow issues. I suppose that's par for the course when you're a professional baseball player. I was a little concerned about my rehabilitation after surgery on my shoulder and elbow. You never know what kind of timeline you may be looking at before you get back into the game, but the incredible staff at ProEx Physical Therapy worked their magic. I got my strength and range of motion back much sooner than expected and, as a free agent, the sooner the better.

-L, Steve

Denise From Burlington, MA Burlington MA

Over the years, both my husband and I have experienced our share of injuries and strains. While going through a painful and activity limiting episode can be frustrating, we have always been more than happy with the fantastic programs the staff at ProEx Physical Therapy has put together to assist with our rapid recovery. The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. I guess you could say we're on "the family plan" at ProEx Physical Therapy and it's a family we're pleased to be a part of.

-, Denise

Jeanne L From Woburn, MA Woburn MA

Professional, personalized, positive. I can't think of a better way to describe my experience at ProEx Physical Therapy! I felt totally confident and comfortable with the knowledge and expertise of the entire staff. The physical therapists were thorough in assessing my specific PT needs and carefully customized an appropriate program for my visits to their facility. There was always a sincere interest in how I was doing and if I had any questions. They gave me practical advice for my everyday activities to maintain and enhance the progress I was making. I was also impressed that Matt McManus, my primary PT, communicated with my fitness center to modify my exercise routine there for a total recovery experience. I'm glad I had the freedom to select a physical therapy provider that suited me perfectly and am delighted I selected ProEx Physical Therapy. I have since recommended them to others (including my husband) who have the same positive feelings I do!

-L, Jeanne

Jason B Retired professional baseball player. Wilmington MA

Being a professional baseball player can be tough on the body. That's something I learned while pitching for many years, most recently with the Cleveland Indians. Over the years, I battled through numerous shoulder and elbow injuries that required surgery. The road to recovery can be a long one, but the professionals at ProEx have the training, experience and knowledge to make that road a little less bumpy. I couldn't have been happier with my care at ProEx.

-B, Jason

Amanda K Wilmington High School Athlete Wilmington MA

Matt was awesome. He would not rest until he found the root of my hip problem... and he did. Thanks for everything, Matt. You better come see some of my games.

-K, Amanda

Evelyn D

My time here at ProEx has been a great experience. I got the best care and you have the best staff I've ever worked with in PT. I would highly recommend ProEx to family and friends. I will also tell my doctor how happy I am to have been treated here. I want to thank all of you for how well you've treated me and how comfortable you made it for me. If I ever need PT in the future I will definitely come back.

-D, Evelyn

Bob C

At first, I didn't think I needed therapy (having never done it before) but I am so glad I did because ProEx "moved me" in ways I never thought possible. I feel better than I have in 10 years. Thanks.

-C, Bob

Terri S

I can't thank you enough. It has been a great experience.

-S, Terri

Norm R Southington CT

Lisa and I would like to thank you for all the care and compassion given to our son Jake. We know that there are no guarantees that his groin injury will not come back to haunt him but at least he is now armed with a specific regimen of active and passive warm up techniques to keep the EVIL tweak away. Thanks again and we hope you can make a few games this year.

-R, Norm

Howard H Windsor, CT Windsor CT

I have suffered back pain for over five years and sought treatment from several different physical therapists and found no relief. After seeing an advertisement in the local paper for ProEx Physical Therapy, I decided I had nothing to lose by calling them. Boy, am I glad I did! This was finally as close to pain relief as I could find. I had finally found someone who knows, first hand, what it's like to live with daily recurring low back pain. Eric's experience and and caring helped to provide me with the pain relief that enabled me to carry on a normal life. Eric made sacrifices in his daily life to accommodate my busy schedule. He spent time with me at the gym on Saturday to teach me a daily routine that would help give me the same pain relief. He is a true professional, great human being, as well as a great friend.

-H, Howard

Bob and Kelly M Burlington, MA Burlington MA

ProEx is the best physical therapy hands down !! As a parent of a student-athlete who got injured, of course I wanted only the best treatment for my daughter. ProEx was there from day one (on a Saturday none the less) starting with the trainer until my daughter's graduation from PT four months later. We were always greeted with smiling faces and sincere concern of how things were going. It was like one big happy family. The professionalism has to be their greatest attribute without a doubt. This was my daughter's first serious knee injury and the staff at ProEx made it a pleasant experience as well as receiving fantastic care. I have and will continue to recommend ProEx to my friends. Thanks again.

-M, Bob and Kelly

Jeff D

I have gone to ProEx for the past 6-7 years of my life and have received the same, high standard of treatment and care every time. They really take the time to get to know every patient that comes through their offices and it shows in how welcoming the ProEx community feels. I have had injuries to my quad, my lower back, my neck, etc., and have felt more than satisfied with all of the therapy I have received. Having been to their Woburn and Financial District locations, I can tell you that if you're in the Boston area, go to ProEx for PT! October 2011

-D, Jeff

Kelly C

I have been going to ProEx for almost 2 months now and I couldn't be more pleased with the service and results! 23 years old and training for The Boston Marathon felt great until my long runs surpassed 13 miles. As soon as I felt discomfort in my left hip flexor I called over to the Financial District ProEx who booked me for a consultation that week. I now pop over to their office weekly for one h...our sessions with Matt and the rest of the fabulous team. They are very flexible and understanding; you can pop in before work or on lunch - they'll make time for you because they care. If it wasn't for ProEx I wouldn't be able to complete my marathon training for these next 2 months! Thanks ProEx :) February 2011

-C, Kelly

Amanda I

I have gone to ProEx for two differnet injuries using both the Woburn & Boston locations and I can honestly say that the customer service and knowledge of the therapist blew me away. I loved going there weekly and felt like not only were they getting me better but also teaching me how to take care of the injury on my own. Hands down Matt McManus is the best therapist and Whitney is the most organized and nicest receptionist. Thanks ProEx, keep it up!!!! February 2011

-I, Amanda

Erin R

I have been going to ProEx for tendonitis in my knee for a little over two months and have had a wonderful experience working with the team. Most importantly, I have experienced a significant improvement in my condition and will be running a half marathon in two weeks thanks to their help. The team is so knowledgeable and energetic. The Boston location is conveniently located downtown right next to my office, and their hours are perfect for any professional that works a fully work day, which is hard to find in the healthcare industry! Thanks, ProEx! March 2011

-R, Erin

Liz R

ProEx is phenomenal in terms of customer service and results. I went as someone who runs about 10-20 miles a week, and started going in April when my knee felt like it was grinding at the bone. I got diagnosed with patellar tendinitis and a slight IT band strain. Matt really knows how to talk to patients and is incredibly helpful, always willing to give his honest assessment of progress and what i...s realistic for training/races, etc. Katie is always in a good mood, and really helpful. Whitney, the Front Desk Specialist, could not possibly be more friendly or helpful, she is always willing to reschedule my appointments. The Financial District location is so convenient, and they are great at early morning, lunchtime appointments. Thanks to ProEx, I am now able to run the way I was before, without pain. I highly recommend them to anyone June 2011

-R, Liz

Rebecca B

As an athlete but more importantly a mom of two young children I was concerned when I tore my acl and meniscus playing soccer. I needed surgery and lots of PT. ProEx in Haverhill, Ma litteraly saved me. About 5 days post surgery I went for my first session with Karen Murphy and needless to say I was a bit nervous due to the discomfort I was in but...wow! She was amazing, her knowledge and under...standing of what I was going through made me realize I was in good hands and I could relax and focus on healing. After only 5 weeks I'm off crutches, in very little to no pain, walking unhinged in a brace and I'm improving leaps and bounds with Karen and the staff's supervision. The staff at the Haverhill location is warm, friendly and skilled. I'm greeted like one of the family. Hours and location are super convienient. I continue to recommend ProEx Haverhill to anyone who'll listen. Thank you Karen, Brian, Jess and Kim! June 2011

-B, Rebecca

Dennis M

A year ago I was having some real trouble with three bulging disks in my back. I had originally hurt it some 20 years before. The pain had gotten to the point I could no longer do the things I love to do. Exercise had become almost impossible. My options at the time were injections, surgery or physical therapy. Fortunately for me, I chose PT and the folks at ProEx in Haverhill MA. Karen and Jess had the knowledge and experience to put together a program to loosen my frozen vertebrae and strengthen the muscles around my spine. While they can't fix the physical damage to my spine, they have given me the keys to getting my life back. They told me as much on my first visit. In the end I left with:

1. An exercise program to follow to insure my hard won relief would not be short lived.

2. Confidence in the knowledge of what I can and cannot do safely.

3. Suggestions for simple changes in how to handle daily activity to make it safer.

4. Comfort in the knowledge that, if things change, I now have a place to return for the answers.

5. Some new friends in Karen, Jess, Kim, Aman and Brian.

My experience was so positive that I have since brought three other family members to ProEx for treatment; my wife and two of my children. Each situation was very different. And each patient was dealt with effectively and in the shortest number of visits possible. Copays do add up you know! The staff at ProEx are wonderful people to work with. You will work hard in PT. But these folks will help you make that experience as positive, humorous and fruitful as possible. They have become more than just another medical provider to my family and I can't recommend them enough. June 2011

-M, Dennis

Frank Justin H

I just completed 9 PT sessions with Matt and his staff for a compressed disc in my back. I was extremely pleased with the care and instructions I received from ProEx. Their friendly, outgoing personalities made the sometimes tedious routines of PT enjoyable. I highly reccomed ProEx for their knowledge and their caringness. They were fully invested in me and it was greatly appreciated. July 2011

-H, Frank Justin

Rob M

Having been to several PT places in the past and coming away not really knowing what I got out of it, I couldn't have been happier with Matt and crew. They really took the time to get to know you, the entire staff knew my name from the moment I walked in. You also get a sincere feeling that they really care about your health. Add that to the fact that they are absolute pros in what they do. If you need PT, don't think about them, go. You'll be happy you did! September 2011

-M, Rob