The ProEx Approach



ProEx is committed to providing a comprehensive treatment plan that allows you, in conjunction with your therapist, to proactively take control of your health and well-being. This will be achieved by addressing your medical condition while considering the many aspects of your lifestyle to promote the most efficient healing process. Through movement and exercise, manual therapy and wellness education, we will provide a high quality, supportive approach to restoring your maximum function.

During treatment, your individual long-term health and wellness goals will also be addressed. Our aim is to improve both your physical fitness, as well as prevent future health conditions. We do this by assessing your current lifestyle and well-being based upon the four categories illustrated below: Move, Feel, Nourish and Reflect. Once we've done that, we'll help you with small changes that can make a big difference in helping you to feel good.

Learn some easy healthy lifestyle 'add in' tips